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We love you, Luigi!!!
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Luigi: Love's Trial 4
Chapter 3: The Invitation
When Luigi opened the grand doors of the Royal Sitting Room of Mushroom Palace he wasn't exactly surprised to see Mario already there. Mario had been spending a lot of his time at the Palace lately, which Luigi didn't mind. He enjoyed having time to himself wandering between the cottage and his mansion.
Mario looked up to see his brother standing in the doorway, hanging his green coat. "Hey, bro. What are you doing here?"
"Professor E. Gadd just came back from his trip and he had a letter for Princess Peach," Luigi said as he wiped his shoes on the rug.
"A letter? For me?" Princess Peach said as she waltzed in with her graceful gait. "From whom?"
Luigi handed her the letter reluctantly. He had been taking great big whiffs of the natural perfume coming from the letter on his way to the castle, and he found that each time he smelled it, it got better and more addicting.
As Peach read the contents of the letter, Luigi admired her beauty from the corner of his eye
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Karino Fumuya WIP by CrazeeDaisy Karino Fumuya WIP :iconcrazeedaisy:CrazeeDaisy 2 24 .:Naltoru:. by CrazeeDaisy .:Naltoru:. :iconcrazeedaisy:CrazeeDaisy 2 3 Arabian Water by CrazeeDaisy Arabian Water :iconcrazeedaisy:CrazeeDaisy 4 8 My Doll by CrazeeDaisy My Doll :iconcrazeedaisy:CrazeeDaisy 4 0 Luigi: Last Picture of 2009 by CrazeeDaisy Luigi: Last Picture of 2009 :iconcrazeedaisy:CrazeeDaisy 4 0 Naltoru by CrazeeDaisy Naltoru :iconcrazeedaisy:CrazeeDaisy 2 0 Myself by CrazeeDaisy Myself :iconcrazeedaisy:CrazeeDaisy 3 4
She stormed throught the hall as she took off her outerware that protected her from the harsh elements outside.
"Get away from me!" she screamed at the man following her. She tried to slam the door closed, but his strength proved a great obstacle and she resolved herself by kicking the door before trying to run from him.
"Not until you talk to me," his firm voice cut through her turmoil as he held a firm grip on her wrist.
"There's nothing to talk about," she said quietly as she tried to pull away. His grip was firm but never harsh. He was always gentle with her.
"You're telling me that, after what happened? No, you need to talk to me."
Her lower lip quivered when she drew in a breath. His eyes grew dark out of concern.
"I don't need to talk," her voice was shaky and unconvincing, but she didn't look at him.
She turned further away from him. "Why are you being stubborn about this?"
"Why are you being difficult about this?" Silence followed. The rain was pelting
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Luigi: Love's Trial 3
Chapter 2: A Letter
Luigi shut the door of his mansion and unwrapped himself of outer garments he'd worn prior to his walk. He was greeted immediately by the appearance of a short greying man with wild spectacles and a flippy hairstyle. Luigi quirked an eyebrow at the strange object next to him. He decided better not to question it, though, because he knew the professor would tell him eventually.
"Hey Professor. I didn't realize you returned from your trip. How was it?"
Professor E. Gadd started at the sound of Luigi walking towards him. "Oh! Luigi, I didn't realize you'd come in. My trip was wonderful. The Mushroom Kingdom has many amazing neighbours that are very interesting. They remind me of lands I read in picture books."
Luigi smiled at that. The Mushroom Kingdom seemed like it came out of a picture book itself. "What places did you visit?"
The professor looked at his catologue book and read his list. "Well, let's see. I visited RoguePort and IsleDelfino. I went to Diamond
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Luigi: Love's Trial 2
Chapter 1: Beat It!
Not too long ago, a man wrapped in green left a small cozy cottage, whistling as he went. Through brush and brook, he tromped and trudged his own path through the woods, where great pioneers before him had set off in search of adventure. Though, truthfully, as great as that sounded in his mind, Luigi new that the pioneer of his family would be his older brother, Mario. I'm just glad to get out of the house every now and then, he thought to himself. He knew that his brother was in for the high life of glory, and he enjoyed the quiet of the mansion he had. That one adventure was enough for him.
He continued to walk through the woods, just enjoying the sun. He remembered years ago when they first arrived, that everything was so different, yet so new and wonderful. He remembered the turmoil the kingdom was in, and Mario galiantly stepped in to save the day. He had stayed behind to 'keep watch over the kingdom' and was actually quite content with staying be
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Final Copy: LoZ Battle by CrazeeDaisy Final Copy: LoZ Battle :iconcrazeedaisy:CrazeeDaisy 2 0 Gift Art for Luizamoony by CrazeeDaisy Gift Art for Luizamoony :iconcrazeedaisy:CrazeeDaisy 2 5
Luigi: Love's Trial
Prologue: The Desert Flower
She stood there. Watching. Watching anxiously as the red stranger defeated the purple alien king. She tried to thank him, but the gag in her mouth prevented proper words to come out.
"Here," he said. "Let me untie you first."
She held still as the red man freed her from the heavy metal shackles that chaffed and rawed her skin.
"Thank - you very" she looked at him awkwardly.
"Mario," he supplied. She nodded and smiled, reluctantly. "It was no trouble, Princess."
She held up her hand in protest. "No, I would rather you call me Daisy, please."
He blinked, slightly stunned, then smiled.
"Of course, Daisy, I'd be happy to." She smiled contentedly, but then her face dropped, her eyes far-off. He saw she was troubled.
"What's the matter, Daisy?" he asked. She looked hesitantly at him.
"As much as Sarasaland would be honored to have its savior stay, I'm afraid my intuition tells me that your princess is in danger."
"Really? That's horrible! I'd
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I got some of my marks back today.

Even though I was expecting some lower marks than usual, I am really mad about my marks.

I'd get near perfect to perfect on every assignment and quiz, and then I'd do my midterm, get my progress report for the course, and find out I'm below 70%.

Those marks on my assignments and quizzes were just leading me on.

I'm in a cyclic state of anger and depression, but it's all for the sake of vengeance of my pride and intelligence.

I'm going to prove to my professors that those marks they gave me was bullshit.

So excuse me for a while. Sorry if I don't reply to anyone for a bit; it's because I'm seething and crying all at the same time.
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Artist | Hobbyist
I like chocolate. Lots of Chocolate.
I like art with meaning. By that, I mean I like art that has something to say when you look at it. I hold great respect for artists who can put that in their work.
I enjoy eating my mom's baked goods. They're so cute, almost too cute, to eat. I eat 'em anyway. ;P
I have an overly large family. Two of my sisters are on devART, Chezmeralda and LadyWisdom. One of 'em says how many family members we have, so don't ask me.
I like watching cartoons. Immaturity alert.
I am also a seriously different person. Like, I don't always fit it, but even when I do, I still prefer to be alone.
My style is different. It is a serious take it or leave it kind of style. It's my own preference, and not many people understand me for it.
Also, I DON'T LEIK MUDKIPS. Beat that.
That about raps things up.

Current Residence: My empty, lonely apartment/bedroom
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium-Large
Print preference: Um...I Like Butterflies and bleeding roses. Don't ask.
Favourite genre of music: Rock....BAND. \m/
Favourite photographer: Guh, that guy......over there *points*
Favourite style of art: Anime (of course) um, I like things made with hands (e.g. Artisan Crafts)
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: I really want an iTouch 16 GB
Shell of choice: I like them Spiky Blue shells. (mehhehheh)
Wallpaper of choice: Tranquil Forest (at the mo', anyway...)
Skin of choice: I actually like aqua blue dragon skin right now. (I think I'm becoming reptilesexual.)
Favourite cartoon character: I really like um, Ichigo from Bleach.
Personal Quote: Enough of this non-sensical douchebaggery! Now shut up and get me a sandwich!


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